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EMAFS, Our Story

EMAFS Co. Ltd has been established in Hong Kong as a joint venture between experts and leading manufacturers in high-quality industrial polishing consumables: Merard SAS, an avant-garde manufacturer of polishing solutions based in France, and Europolish Precision Finishing Co., Ltd, based in Hong Kong providing for many years high technology polishing products together with on-site process developments, state of the art R&D and product customization.  

EMAFS targets developing, producing, and distributing top-quality polishing consumables for special applications like luxury goods, optical, medical, aerospace, and electronics. In particular, we target specialized high-end customers in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

With fantastic support from the founding members, EMAFS can combine high-quality finishing products, expertise on their application, and on-site support to our customers in Asia to provide each of them with a dedicated solution for their needs.

MERARD SAS has developed its know-how from the North of Lyon for over a century. Plunging its roots in the textile industry, the company started, in the 50s, manufacturing buffs and then liquid, solid, and cream polishing compounds. Firmly focused on high-end and technological markets, MERARD is constantly developing innovative polishing solutions to meet the most complex configurations.

Europolish Precision Finishing Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong to promote and expand the market for European-made high-quality polishing products, offer professional support, and provide rapid responses to customers’ needs in Asia. To do so, the company has set up a permanent warehouse in Hong Kong with a wide range of products always ready in stock to have the ability to fulfill orders in a few hours. The company also setup a full technical support department based in Hong Kong and China to provide 24h 7/7 onsite technical support to his customers.


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